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Help enterprises go out of China and create GDPR compliant OTA solutions
ABUP has created a set of OTA solutions that comply with this regulation in order to understand the increasing OTA requirement of customers who will run business overseas. In terms of data collection, storage and security requirements, it can help custom
  • 数据处理应实现合法性、合理性与透明性的统一
  • 数据的收集应当以初始设立的具体、清晰、正当的目的为限
  • 数据处理应当是必要、相关而适当的
  • 应确保数据的准确,并在必要时及时更新
  • 对数据的储存实践应以实现其目的所必须的时间为限
  • 应采用一定手段确保数据的安全
  • ABUP's independent overseas cloud platform, one-click access, worldwide service

    GDPR compliance

    With ABUP OTA solution; EU server cloud platform, one-click access, Anxiety-free use; Data will be limited in China, and data privacy is secured.

  • China
    For China and Overseas
  • Germany and Frankfurt
    For EU region
  • 符合GDPR标准,数据不出国,安全有保障

  • 酷游与亚马逊战略合作,为客户数据提供符合GDPR服务器

  • 欧盟版本和通用版本功能完全一致,操作界面上也高度相同,最大程度上的减少国内客户的学习成本

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